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Established six years ago, 3D Decor is a name in the field of interior decoration, which has a high reputation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. By relentless efforts, as well as always learning and changing with each trend, we are confident to bring quality products, trustworthy services, and thoughtful solutions to our customers.

3D Decor


Various design styles

Our team of architects and designers are from prestigious training institutions, with many years of experience. So we are confident to provide a lot of good ideas, unique styles, and impressive brushstrokes. Most other furniture companies often choose an absolute path for only an individual designing style to identify themselves. But we are oriented to develop ourselves by multidimensional, multi-faceted, multi-faceted things. This feature helps to spread the brand broadly to all customers from Asia, Europe to America.

3D DECOR's design - Scandinavia

3D DECOR's design - Indochina


The optimal solution

Through the lessons, 6-year practical experiences finishing thousands of houses with all kinds of areas, structures, we ensure to give you the most effective and preeminent solutions and benefits. Furthermore, 3D Decor has an investment department support financial and real estate investors. Consequently, customers are more confident and have more choices when deciding to invest money in home decoration.

3D DECOR's design - Modern


Reliable product quality

Equip with a full factory, modern machines, skilled human resources, and years of experience. We always uphold the discipline and safety of our workforce. The source of raw materials has high quality and is checked carefully by a national safety department or prestigious organizations in the world. Ensuring drawings and realities are the same is one of our company's golden commitments. More than 98% of customers have certified our quality. The contributions and recognition from customers we have treasured stored in Customer Reviews .

 3D Decor - Review of Cuatomers


Guarantee work schedule on time

Being proactive in every aspect from design, profile, production, installation... with automated systems, we are committed to providing optimal service to our customers. In terms of legal provisions in the contract, we also offer specific regulations on penalties when the delivery schedule is delayed. Customer appreciation is a measure of a reputable service business. Many customers have worked with 3Ddecor to the 3rd and 4th house, especially investors. Ensuring the schedule will not affect the customers' plan, so we provide the commitment to handover progress.

3D Decor - On Time Schedule


Great after-sales

We are willing to have a contractual term for a 2-year product warranty, permanent maintenance from the delivery date. Besides, every six months/time, 3Ddecor has a customer care department, asking about products delivered as well as exchanging, consulting more to support old customers.



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Established six years ago, 3D Decor is a name in the field of interior decoration, which has a high reputation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. By relentless...

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